Los Muralistas Hispanos


Search tips (for research beyond these links):
When looking for artists' names, try searching for the country and "street art" or "graffiti"
OR grafitera, muralisma, "artista urbana" if searching for articles in Spanish (about female artists)

If you are looking for female artists, you may need to be flexible about the country.
For example, search "women graffiti artists in Latin America" rather than searching for artists in a specific country.

  • Look on the library cart for book resources, selected specifically for this project. You might try looking up the name of your country or "muralists" in the Index. Or, if you already know the names of muralists in your country, then you can try those names. Some books are focused entirely on street art, so you can browse those and look for someone who interests you.

Source Evaluation
  • Verify that you are using credible academic sources. Use this list of questions to help you: SCRAP Test Questions